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The next time you are in Vietnam, make sure to stop by Dong Ha, home of Tam Cafe. Not only will you be able to find one of the hottest coffee shops in Quang Tri, but you'll be contributing to a great cause!

Tam Cafe serves a mean cappuccino, has free Wi-Fi and is the only cafe run by people with hearing impairments in Quang Tri. Founded by Tam Nguyen, the cafe is a unique place with a friendly atmosphere. The staff, who have had some hospitality training, including a visit from the Culinary Institute of America, do their best to please customers. You can communicate with them by either using sign language or or writing things down. Whichever method of communication you prefer, their wide variety of Vietnamese and special international coffee won't let you down.

Trang, one of the staff at the cafe, is an example of how much one can accomplish. Trangg was born in 1985 and didn't attend the school for disabled children until age 15. After completing the fifth grade in 2006, Trang studied tailoring, but failed to earn a sufficient income. When given the chance to join Tam Cafe, she jumped at the chance. she has proven herself as a very diligent worker and is always ready to learn.

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